Saturday, September 20, 2008

Getting back into it.....and, that stop sign means what?

Finally, I went sub 41:00 on a 10,000 meter row (40:49 to be exact). It's not that I haven't gone that fast before, but, I haven't gone that fast since returning from vacation. My usual Saturday gym routine involves a 45 minutes of resistance training but, I skipped that portion this morning since my parents were driving up to visit. I just didn't have enough time to lift and row. So, skipping that helped keep my time low. I really need to start rowing more often.

Change of subject - the concept of a 4 way stop intersection....
There's a 4 way stop intersection somewhat close to our home (beach & heritage trace) that Dianna and I just hate driving through. Why, do you ask? It's because 99% of the time we go through the intersection we are cut off by a driver going out of turn. The 4 way stop is such a simple concept. The driver sitting there the longest goes next. Tonight, I almost hit a someone going out of turn...and there was a Fort Worth police car in line....but, the officer was was too busy chit chatting on his cell phone to see the near miss.
So, who are these people? I think it might be the same one's who spit out their gum in the grocery store parking lot, or is, the same people who insist on watching their news from the only cable news network that has to constantly remind their viewers that they are "fair and balanced," or is it, the same people who walk their dog(s) only to let them take a dump in your yard, without picking it up? These folks are either just completely selfish, or lack the intelligence required to operate a motor vehicle.....or, maybe both.

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