Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter Vacation 2009 - Day Two

The first night's temperature went all the way to -2 (yes, that's 2 below zero). Our hotel room was actually too warm so we opened the window a little to cool it off. Amazingly, the heater did not come the rest of the night. After a quick Hampton breakfast we were off to ski at Pajarito Mountain. We got great parking and actually thought we would all make the lesson for the 10am start time. The rental line was huge....we missed the 10am lesson and had go for the 11am. Everyone had some difficulties with the first part of the lessons which covered some of the basics. Right before the lunch break we got to practice going up the tow rope and come back down the kid slope. We are all getting the hang of it but, then M started having trouble with the tow rope. We just figured she was getting tired. After lunch we all went back to the kid slope and D and I were supposed to slow slalom around some cones but, only one of us got the hang of it. They split the kids from the adults and D and I went up on the lift to one the green slopes. Both of us busted coming off of the lift...oh well. I managed to go back on the lift a second time while D went to check on the girls. D was about spent for the day anyways. The girls did great with the exception of M on the tow rope.

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I highly recommend Pajarito Mountain....practically no lift lines whatsoever!

Oh, almost forgot....the White Rock Hampton did not charge us for the canceled room.

Tomorrow is either the Polar Coaster at Angel Fire or cross country skiing/snowshoeing at Enchanted Forest XC. It all depends on the overnight snow forecast for the area.

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