Sunday, February 15, 2009

A family Valentine's outing

Dianna and I decided to just get each other cards for Valentine's day and, to visit our favorite Tex-mex restaurant...Mia's Tex-Mex. I blogged about this place before - click here for the review. We got there right at 5pm and beat the holiday dinner rush. The girls sampled the awesome tortilla soup; they ate half of it before the meal arrived and, neither of them particularly enjoy soup, at least "regular" soup. Our brisket taco dinner was outstanding, as usual, the margaritas were fantastic. These frozen concoctions are still the best ever....they were a little light on the tequila.

On the way home I hit the trifecta....let me explain. Earlier on Saturday I mentioned to Dianna that I wanted to stop by REI while we were in Dallas. As we pull into the parking lot I noticed a Guitar Center right next door, how convenient. They had an incredible selection of keyboards. After about 15 minutes of playing around on the keyboards I remembered to get some better drumsticks for our Rock Band game which did absolutely nothing for my drumming skills. Now, on to REI....this store was somewhat of a disappointment. Their website has every outdoor accessory imaginable. At the top of my list was to checkout their winter apparel clearance. They had terrible selection...Dick's Sporting Goods had better and, REI didn't have any skis or snowboards. The girls were very, very bored fact, toward the end of the visit they decided to try some of their MMA moves.....on each other. So, traveling back to the house I knew Fry's was just a quick exit off the freeway on the way back. I mentioned this to Dianna and, in the same sentence gave her the option to wait about 10 minutes in the car while I looked around. Jokingly, I asked the girls if they wanted to go into the store with me. A., who must have felt somewhat guilty about her kickboxing moves on M. earlier, said "I'll go with you, Daddy." I let her off the need for her to have to punish herself from that guilt. Ten minutes later I arrived back to car empty handy. Anyways....till next time.

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