Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Vacation 2009 - Day Two

Driving from Las Cruces to San Diego was a very long drive. Not much happening along the way.

In AZ we saw 4 speeding camera setups. I knew this was coming after the infiltration of red-light cameras. Here's how it works - the AZ DPS uses small SUV's that have a camera array/light setup on top that is parked on the side of the freeway....keep in mind these were parked in the middle of nowhere, a couple were even in construction zones (speeding fines doubled). I am guessing these will generate ten times more revenue than what a red-light camera would and, these things are mobile so, you don't ever know where they will be. I am happy to report that I don't expect to receive a picture of the Odyssey from the AZ DPS.

In tuscon we stopped my favorite hamburger joint of all-time - In and Out. This is just straight up burger greatness.

In and Out - World's Greatest Hamburger
Tuscon, AZ

As always, this place is jam packed with a
continuous line to the door. It was about
99 degrees in Tuscon and there were
people eating on outside tables because
there were none inside. Dianna and the girls
snagged an indoor table while I ordered.

There are only 3 burgers here because my 4-year old
hates hamburgers. We stopped at the Chick-fil-a next
door for her meal.

As we crossed over into California I saw a lot of my government money at waste (think I blogged about this last year). A large part of the border fence is up in California. If you want stop the main flow of illegal aliens from entering the US all the government has to do is heavily fine the companies that hire them. That project could even pay for itself, at first anyways. Back to vacation....

Finally arrived in SD at 630 pacific time. The Hilton property we are at is on the harbor....we have a one bedroom suite with a balcony that faces the water....this lodging is free using Hilton Honors points.

The girls wanted a simple meal so we opted for some pizza we have had before - Pizza Nova. Not only does this place great pizza but they also have the best salad, ever.

Here's the view from our table @ Pizza Nova

After eating we just went back to the hotel and crashed. Tomorrow it's the SD Zoo and then to Del Mar to see California's best thoroughbreds race.

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