Thursday, August 5, 2010

summer trip 2010 - free day

La Jolla Children's Pool

This was originally planned as our third day at the beach but we needed a break from 3-4 hours in the sun and salt water - A, for the third year in a row, got some redness around the bottom of each of eye from the sun and water. So, we decided to head to La Jolla again, but without getting into the water. The first stop was the La Jolla Children's Pool Beach. This is a great area to just enjoy the sound of the surf while spotting seals or looking for shells. We spent a couple of hours here, including a visit to an ice cream truck.

Digging for shells

Sea Lion coming up for air

D could stay here all day

"No more pictures, we're digging for shells"

Cave excursion - at the northern end of the Children's Pool there is a small cave. I decided to go through the cave wearing my "street clothes" and take video with my fairly new iPhone 4. I almost dropped the phone as I misjudged the surf twice.....

Here's a short video of the La Jolla surf

From here we headed to downtown La Jolla to for some shopping. We went through several "not high-end" stores. I walked a block over to the La Jolla Smashburger just to see how busy it was packed! Every table was taken and the line was way too long. It was about mid-afternoon so we headed over In and Out on our way to Coronado. On the way we stopped at the San Diego Seaport to look for some San Diego branded souvenirs for the girls. M picked out a San Diego nameplate and A wanted a cool looking shell. We drove over the bay on the Coronado Bridge. This was formerly a toll-road but, unlike all the toll-roads currently being built, tolls are no longer necessary since the construction debt has been paid - my guess is that the large Naval base on the Coronado Peninsula has some influence on this as well. Although it is over 200 feet at its peak over the bay, it does not allow for passage for the current Nimitz-class carriers.

Unbelievably, there was no one by us at
the park to take a family picture

We finished the day back at the hotel. Our hotel is in the revitalized Liberty Station area. This evening Liberty Station sponsored an outdoor movie night, Movie Mania. There were booths sponsored by local businesses giving away freebies before the movie started. At dusk they showed "The Blind Side" on a 12 foot outdoor screen. Right before it started I got carryout from Pizza Nova for the family. Our hotel even loaned out outdoor picnic blankets to lay on. There were about 200 people on the lawn between the hotel and the bay trail.

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