Friday, August 6, 2010

summer trip 2010 - San Diego Zoo

Today was our final day in San Diego. D and I always find it sad to leave our SD hotel. The weather and city are just amazing. This day was spent at the San Diego Zoo. On the way we stopped at Sport Chalet to pick up some end-of-season discounted swim gear for the girls. When we arrived at the zoo the parking lot was quite full to our surprise - in fact, the zoo was packed. Once inside we found out the entire week was Panda Birthday Week. Three pandas celebrating their birthdays in the same week. Great. The panda line was about 30 minutes long. But, this was must do item on our list. We have figured out the 3 things the girls enjoy most here are the Skyfari aerial tram, the koalas and the pandas. After doing this things they are pretty much done with the zoo. This kind of makes the zoo not worthwhile because of the steep admission prices. The zoo setting is absolutely beautiful and not just because of the animals - the plants and trees are amazing.

Here's a short video from our koala visit-check out the koala in the background (not foreground) attempting to jump over another koala.

One more weather detail in case you missed this in my previous post:

Keller, TX Weather = Bad

San Diego, CA Weather = Perfection

We found these cute white tigers at the zoo!

After 6.5+ hours at the zoo we were ready to make our way to Anaheim. On the way we stopped in Solana Beach (just north of Del Mar) to eat at Tony's Jacal. We ate on the patio and the food was awesome as usual. D and the girls were shivering and actually asked to have the outdoor overhead heater be turned on.....I relished the coolness of the air knowing that I would be going back to a heat wave in Texas. When we finished eating we hit the I-5 for the hour long trip to Anaheim. Next Day - Disney!

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