Saturday, November 8, 2008

Anniversary Weekend - Day 1

Ok...technically our anniversary was last weekend but we are celebrating this weekend. Tonight we took the girls to my parents in Glen Rose where they will spend two nights living it up with the grandparents as A. likes to say, NO RULES! When we arrived my mom had my favorite Cuban meal ready for beans and rice. This time she just made Tex-mex rice (which she makes the best Tex-mex rice!) instead of the traditional white rice that typically accompanies black beans. This is a compromise for everyone else who likes the Tex-mex vs. the white rice. She also made her version of Cuban picadillo which is actually more like Tex-mex Picadillo...mmmmmmmm, great food....awesome food, better than any restaurant, anywhere!
We left the girls after dinner to drive back to the Fort Worth area. Earlier in the afternoon I purchased tickets for Dianna and I to see the movie Role Models. Check my "review" here. We were a little early for the 9:45pm showing so we stopped at the Don Pablo's around the corner from the Movie Tavern.

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