Sunday, November 9, 2008

Musical Review - ABBA: The Hits

Dianna bought tickets to "ABBA: The Show" @ Bass Hall in Fort Worth for our anniversary gift. Those who have read previous blog posts know that I really like ABBA and, now Dianna likes them as well. The evening's show featured the ABBA tribute band Waterloo performing with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. The FWSO actually only played on about half of the songs. This tribute band actually travels the world and is known as the best ABBA tribute band. The performance was incredible with both women having very powerful vocals that sounding exactly like the original ABBA recordings. There were a couple of songs with the guys leading the vocals that weren't so good but, ABBA doesn't have many songs with the guys leading the vocals. The only reason I think guys even lead is to allow the women to change outfits. A couple of musicians from the original ABBA band performed including their incredible saxophonists and their drummer. This is as close to seeing ABBA perform because back in 2000 the original ABBA band was offered $1 billion for a reunion tour (yes, that's billion!) which they turned down. This band has sold over 400 million albums/CDs and they are still very popular worldwide. If the show comes back in town we will definitely buy tickets again. Interesting side note - Dianna and I might have very well been some of the youngest people at this event. Must be because of all the FWSO season ticket holders.

Awesome show, easily one of the best musical performances I have enjoyed....thanks, Dianna !

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