Saturday, November 8, 2008

Movie Review - Role Models (and, the Movie Tavern)

Dianna and I love, after seeing the trailer for Role Models we decided to check it out. Now, we only go to the movies without the kids about once every three years. It doesn't make a lot of sense to spend money at the movies when you have a home theater with a 110" screen, popcorn machine and kegerator. Anyways, as we get in line at the Movie Tavern to pick up our tickets there's a small confrontation with the couple in front of us and the ticket seller. Apparently the Movie Taven is very serious about their signage that states no unaccompanied minors after dark because the dude in front of us, who appeared to be about 13 years old, kept trying to convince the ticket seller that they were both over age even they had no ID. Once we got in we had to wait for the theater to be cleaned up.....Dianna went to the restroom only to come back with a crappy look on her face. The women's restroom did not have toilet paper, soap or paper towels. I didn't ask for any other details....I just didn't hold her hand the rest of the night :)
As we are watching the previews I decided to get a pitcher of beer and a bucket of popcorn. After waiting in line 10 minutes I place my soon as I asked for a pitcher the girl behind the counter asks for TWO ID's. So, I said your kidding, right? And, she said, "no." Then I asked her if that was some kind of state law to which she replied, "yes." Whatever. So, I took a walk of shame back to my theater seat, empty handed. What I find ironic is that this place sells a mug that is almost as large as the pitcher.....except the mug is $7 bucks more than pitcher (you do get to keep it and bring back for refills at a discounted price).
Now back to the movie.....Role Models stars Paul Rudd (Seth Rogen's brother-in-law in Knocked Up) and Sean William Scott (aka Stifler from American Pie). Both of these guys seemed to be typecast these days. Paul Rudd plays Danny, a character who thinks his life is crap, and Wheeler (Stifler), Pauls co-worker who chases every female that has a pulse. These two get into trouble with the law and find themselves forced to participate in a Big Brother type program (instead of going to jail). While mentoring two kids the adults learn just how selfish they are themselves....and, the kids, well they actually steal the movie (one of the kids is McLovin from Superbad). The movie was actually very predictable but, Dianna and I both enjoyed it....even though some of the scenes are very forced, such as the tow truck driver incident, we laughed throughout the whole movie.

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