Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rowing Challenge - Week 8 - DONE!

Well, it's over, challenge met. I have to admit that this was not the best workout routine but, I am definitely in great cardio shape. This was difficult to keep up every week considering Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. There were too many times I rowed a 10K or 15K at 10pm in the evening only to turn around early the next morning to row another 10K. Here are my times for the final week, check out my final 5K time....this is after rowing 10K with a 5 minute rest:

12/22 10K meters - 41:23
12/23 10K meters - 41:49
12/23 5K meters - 21:28
12/24 10K meters - 42:08
12/26 10K meters - 41:55
12/26 5K meters - 20:44

50,000 meters for the week

(all times in minutes:seconds)

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I rowed over 200,000 meters.

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