Saturday, December 27, 2008

Winter Vacation - New Mexico Snow - Day 1

Dianna and I decided to take the girls for some winter fun in New Mexico. Originally we thought skiing would be good but soon realized that they are probably too young for even minor downhill activities. So, the agenda was changed to include the following, the links take you to what the actual activity is:

cross country skiing (maybe some snowshoeing) @ Enchanted Forest, just past Red River, NM
tubing @ Angel Fire, NM
sledding @ Angel Fire, NM
snowmobiling @ Taos Ski Valley

Today was just driving...we got a late start but had a very safe trip. When we arrived in Santa Fe we called Gabriel's Restaurant to check on the wait time and it was 1 1/2 hours, ouch. So, we thought we could grab a quick pizza at Upper Crust. It was packed there, too....our pizza took 45 minutes to arrive.

The first night we are staying in Los Alamos (well, technically White Rock). I lived in White Rock for 6 years while my dad worked at the Los Alamos National Lab, I know, I know, this fact has been mentioned on numerous occasions on this blog.

As usual, the lodging on this trip will be free courtesy of our American Express points. The stay in Los Alamos saves me some points. Tomorrow we go to the Taos area for several nights (and double the points), then back to Los Alamos before heading home.

The girls must have been in competition with each other today, they were either sleeping, eating or stopping for bathrooms breaks the entire road trip (they set a record of 5 bathroom stops today). Here's what the girls ate today (this does not include Dianna)....

4 Go Gurts
3 bananas
2 pb&j sandwiches
2 personal potato chip bags
1 personal box of animal cookies
1 apple
3 juice boxes
And, this does not include anything from our Upper Crust pizza dinner.....of course, when we arrived at the hotel they got their second wind and were literally bouncing off of the walls !

The girls are very excited about the snow. Dianna and I are excited, too.

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