Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 10 - Disney (day 3)

This blog is missing pictures. I will post them later.

Last day at Disney. We are now two for three in the parking garage battle. We parked on the Disney side again - it saved us a lot of walking. We had a plan this morning to go to the same place where we got our dream fast passes on the first day, which is next to Sleeping Beauty's castle. When we got there, the Disney Dream Crew was there, but they were handing out special mouse ears. Something is better than nothing. You can't buy this particular mouse hat in the stores. If we bought them, they would probably be about $13 a pop. Dianna and the girls went to see if they could catch Belle and Mulan at the Princess Faire while I went to get Fast Passes for Soarin' over California. Dianna called me to let me know that Belle left yet again while they were in line. I told her to meet me again by Sleeping Beauty's castle, and wouldn't you know it - the Dream Crew was back there handing out Dream Passes. With Dream Passes in hand, I offered up to the girls to ride Big Thunder and Splash Mountain. Surprisingly, the oldest did not want to ride. The youngest, however, did. She loves roller coasters (except Space Mountain). The last big drop on Splash Mountain is a blast. Next, we did Soarin' over California again for the 3rd time with our regular Fast Pass. We headed over to the Monsters, Inc ride, which was cute, and the girls rode again later a second time. The Tower of Terror was next for me. This is the only amusement park attraction I have ever bailed on. I heard some people coming off of the ride saying that they would never ride that again. We ended up eating at Taste Pilot's Grill again, spending $36 again for food, but for amuesement park food, it was pretty good. We did Soarin' over California for the forth and final time. This was everyone's favorite ride. It was kind of sad leaving Disney, but after three days, it was also about all we could take. On the way out, we hit World of Disney which is in the Downtown Disney area, so the girls (including Dianna) could get their souviners. This took about an hour. We went back to the hotel for some rest. Tomorrow we head to Arizona.

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