Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vacation blues & working out

Yesterday was my second full day since the vacation and I am reminiscing constantly about the vacation. Does anyone ever get back from vacation and say to themselves, "this day last week I was doing this" ???? I do.

Well, it was time to get back into my regular workout routine. The last time I went to the gym was July 24th...3 weeks. I knew it was going to hurt....and, it did, especially my rowing. I was surprised how much aerobic endurance I lost in 3 weeks. I always row 10,000 meters....2,000 meters in I was ready to bail but, I went the distance. My heart rate peaked way to early (avghigh 175, with a max 190 during my final sprint). I finished with a terrible time of 43 minutes, 33 seconds. Prior to vacation I was sub 40:30. But, I also did some resistance training prior to my cardio today. I like cardio....and, in a strange way, I don't mind the pain associated with endurance exercise. I view this pain as a vs. myself, can I win? Today I did.

Monday's goal is a sub 43 minute 10K row.

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