Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kids, video games and the agony of inevitable defeat

Do you remember growing up and that your parents were the authority of everything and could help you do anything and had the answers to all of your questions? Do remember playing video games? Do you remember that moment in your life you could beat your parents at video games? I remember getting an Atari 2600 (ok, this fact makes me old) and playing it with my parents. Of course, I played it A LOT. So much so there came a point in time where I could beat my parents every time. It was at that point they no longer wanted to play as much....I never figure it out back then.

We recently purchased Mario Kart for our Wii system. M. doesn't play it as much as A. simply because she hasn't developed her hand-to-eye coordination like A. has. But, A. wants to play Mario Kart ALL the time...so much so that we actually limit her time. Saying all that, A. is actually better than Dianna and I'm afraid she will very soon surpass my Mario Kart skillz......

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